Food Safety Level 2

12 modules


Caroline Daly

20 Mar 2019



Please note: you will have online access to complete your course for 14 days only from the date of your enrolment. Once completed you will receive your certificate via email. Upon completion or after this 14 day period, you will no longer have access to the modules.

Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to Food Safety

  • What is Food Hygiene?
  • Reasons to Manage Food Hygiene
  • Characteristics of Food Poisoning and Food Borne Disease
  • Factors that Contribute to Food Poisoning
  • Vulnerable Groups
  • Food Safety Legislation
  • Legal Responsibilities of Food Workers

Unit 2: Basic Microbiology

  • What is Microbiology?
  • Types of micro-organisms
  • The benefits and ill effects of micro-organisms
  • Pathogenic and food spoilage bacteria
  • Common food poisoning bacteria
  • Requirements for bacterial growth
  • The danger zone for food
  • High risk and low risk foods

Unit 3: Food Hazards

  • Categories of food hazards
  • The sources of microbiological, physical, chemical and allergenic hazards
  • Common food allergens
  • Direct and indirect cross contamination
  • Controls for cross contamination

Unit 4: Personal Hygiene

  • Responsibilities of food workers
  • Hand hygiene
  • Use of gloves
  • Protective clothing
  • Reporting of illnesses

Unit 5: Pest Control and Waste Management

  • Food Pests
  • Hazards of Food Pests
  • Signs of Pest Infestation
  • Controlling Pests in a Food Business
  • Waste Management
  • Internal Waste
  • External Waste Areas

Unit 6: Hygienic Premises and Internal Finishes

  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Reasons for Cleaning
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Safety rules for cleaning
  • Services
  • Internal finishes

Unit 7: HACCP – Delivery and Storage of Food

  • Introduction to HACCP
  • Supplier control
  • Hazards and controls for delivery of food
  • Hazards and controls for storage of food
  • Stock rotation

Unit 8: HACCP – Preparation, Cooking and Serving of Food

  • Hazards and controls during the preparation stage
  • Hazards and controls during the cooking stage
  • Defrosting, cooling and reheating of food
  • Hot and cold displays
  • Record keeping
  • Benefits of a HACCP system


At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the characteristics of food poisoning and food borne disease
  • Identify groups that are most susceptible to food poisoning
  • Understand the legal responsibilities of a food worker
  • Describe the requirements for bacterial growth
  • List the four categories of food hazards
  • Discuss direct and indirect cross contamination
  • Identify high risk and low risk foods
  • Understand the requirements for personal hygiene
  • Discuss the necessity for pest control in a food business
  • State the reasons for cleaning and disinfection in a food business
  • Identify the controls necessary for delivery and storage of food
  • Identify the controls necessary for preparation, cooking and serving of food
  • Recognise the benefits of a food safety management system


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Food Safety Level 2

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Introduction to Food Safety Level 2
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Introduction to Food Safety
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Basic Microbiology
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Food Hazards
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Personal Hygiene
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Pest Control and Waste Management
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Hygienic Premises and Internal Finishes
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Delivery and Storage
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Preparation, Cooking and Serving
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Exam - Survey Questions
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Course Completion
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